Sunday, January 25, 2015

1980 Texas Rangers (4th): 76-85, 20.5GB

With 2 future HOF pitchers (Fergie Jenkins (12-12, 3.77) and Gaylor Perry (6-9, 3.43) in their sunset years the Rangers relied on Doc Medich (14-11, 3.92) and Jon Matlack (10-10, 3.68) to carry the load.  Both threw over 200 innings, with the latter topping out at 234.  Danny Darwin (13-4, 2.63) excelled as a long man out of the pen (109 IP).  Unfortunately established closer types like Sparky Lyle (3-2, 4.69) and Jim Kern (3-11, 4.83) couldn't save a fish from drowning.  Offensively the Rangers had the 2nd best team batting average in the AL, but without any big time power they found scoring runs tough.  Former Pirates Richie Zisk (.290-19-77) and Al Oliver (.319-19-117) supplied the power.  Jim Sundberg (.273-10-63) was a gold glove caliber receiver.  The bench featured Rusty Staub (.300-9-55), who was a part time DH/PH.  Bill Sample was a great 4th OF'er and former Met gold glover Bud Harrelson hit .272 as a utility man.  The Rangers faded from contention in early June and stayed trapped in mediocrity all the way through till October.

21 new cards were added to complete the set.

Adrian_Devine_TEXBob_Babcock_TEXBrian_Allard_TEXBud_Harrelson_TEXCharlie_Hough_TEXDanny_Walton_TEXDennis_Lewallyn_TEXDon_Kainer_TEXEd_Figueroa_TEXGaylord_Perry_TEXJerry Don_Gleaton_TEXJim_Norris_TEXJohn_Butcher_TEXKen_Clay_TEXMike_Hart_TEXMike_Richardt_TEXOdie_Davis_TEXPat CorralesPepe_Frias_TEXRusty_Staub_TEXTucker_Ashford_TEX

Tucker Ashford was a hard find, so I settled for his minor league card photo.  Same for Odie Davis.  Another two B&W photos were used (Walton / Lewallen).  In fact I messed up Dennis Lewallen’s card by putting his names reversed.  When I realized that he pitched 5 games and had an ERA over 7.00 I figured no one would notice anyway and I can fix it later, LOL !  Nice picture of Adrian Devine.  Looks like Johnny Miller or some other professional golfer was standing behind him when it was snapped.

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