Friday, January 9, 2015

ARAIG Cards now being used for more than just our Action Leagues

When I first started this project for the 1977 ARAIG season 3+ years ago I never dreamed that these cards would be used for anything more than just our league and possibly other people replaying the games.  Then today, while I was searching for an upgraded picture for seldom used Cincinnati Reds backup catcher Don Werner, I saw something that completely surprised me.  The card that I made for us to use was being displayed, as if it was an original 1977 card, on Hal McCoy's web column.

For those of you who do not know McCoy, he is a HOF beat writer who used to cover the Reds daily.  Now it seems he has a baseball column for Press Pros Magazine.  McCoy, who knows everything about the Reds (and then some) has a Q&A column where someone asked him about Don Werner.  Displayed right next to his response was the card.

My assumption is that his research assistant(s) found it while doing a Google search and decided to use it with the article, since photos of Mr.Warner are as rare as Chicago Cubs pennants.  Now the pressure is on for me to release a (1980) set that is going to live up to the standards of a HOF writer, LOL !

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